Oskyldigt dömd



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1h 00m

24 Episodes

Oskyldigt dömd is a Swedish drama television series from 2008. The first season was recorded in twelve episodes during February 2008 to be aired later during the fall. It premiered on the Finnish TV channel FST5 on September 24, 2008 and later the same evening on Swedish TV4. The series is produced by Filmlance. On January 23 TV4 announced that Mikael Persbrandt would be playing the main character and on February 10 other cast members were announced; Helena af Sandeberg, Sofia Ledarp, Marie Richardson and Mirja Turestedt. TV4 also announced th ...

Cast : Mikael Persbrandt, Marie Richardson, Sofia Ledarp

Genres : Drama

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Season 1

12 Episodes

Season 2

12 Episodes