Making Out



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24 Episodes

Making Out is a British television series, shown by the BBC between 1989 and 1991. The series, created by Franc Roddam, written by Debbie Horsfield, mixed comedy and drama in its portrayal of the women who worked on the factory floor at New Lyne Electronics in Manchester, tackling the personal lives of the characters as well as wider issues of recession, redundancy and retrenchment as the factory goes through various crises and take-overs. The music for the series was composed by New Order. The main theme for the show is an adaptation of the ...

Cast : Margi Clarke, Melanie Kilburn, Shirley Stelfox, Rachel Davies, Heather Tobias, Tracie Bennett, Moya Brady, Keith Allen, Brian Hibbard, Alan David, Gary Beadle, Tim Dantay, John Forgeham, David Hargreaves, William Ash, Claire Quigley, Jane Hazlegrove, Jonathan Barlow, Pat Mills, George Zenios

Crew : New Order, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert

Genres : Drama

Production Companies : 

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Season 1

8 Episodes

Season 2

8 Episodes

Season 3

8 Episodes