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91 Episodes

Siska is a German television series created by Herbert Reinecker and Helmut Ringelmann and broadcast since October 30, 1998 on the network ZDF. In France, the series was broadcast on France 3 and rebroadcast on 13th Street. It is a police drama and follows the adventures of Peter Siska and later Victor Siska. Anyway it wasn't the best surname for a policeman because in some languages word "Siska" has extremely close meaning to "Boob" or "Tit". So you'll never see this series on, for example, Russian television. Croatian Radiotelevision has how ...

Cast : Peter Kremer, Werner Schnitzer, Frank te Neues, Matthias Freihof, Wolfgang Maria Bauer

Crew : Hans-Jürgen Tögel

Genres : Crime

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Season 1

3 Episodes

Season 2

13 Episodes

Season 3

9 Episodes

Season 4

10 Episodes

Season 5

8 Episodes

Season 6

8 Episodes

Season 7

10 Episodes

Season 8

12 Episodes

Season 9

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Season 10

8 Episodes

Season 11

5 Episodes